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Pro Party Tips 

Cheese and Fruit Artfully Arranged Beside Wine Glass and Bottles

How do you throw the perfect party? We’re glad you asked! Check out our top 20 tips on how to make your shindig shine.

  1. Pick a theme and go all in. Think of all the senses—sound sight, smell and flavor.
  2. Send invitations online. And watch the RSVPs roll in.
  3. Designate recycling and trash bins. Save the planet one bottle or can at a time.
  4. Welcome your guests. Greet guests at the door and introduce them to at least one other guest.
  5. Don’t forget the ice! Ask your checker to ring up a bag!
  6. Save the cleaning for after the party. Your guests might think the party is over, when actually, it’s just getting started.
  7. Have a guestbook. Include a fun prompt or question for your guests to answer.
  8. Make sure your bathroom has clean hand towels. Your bath towel will thank you!
  9. Create a fancy drink menu. Include a signature drink special for your party.
  10. The host makes the first drink. Then guests can serve themselves.
  11. Have non-alcoholic beverage options. Designated drivers deserve delicious drinks, too.
  12. Grab a Lyft for guests who need a ride. Safety first!
  13. Set up a kids’ table. Activities like coloring or decorating cookies are great ways to keep younger guests entertained.
  14. Be a master gingerbread baker/builder. Stock up on fun and festive candies to make your creation a masterpiece.
  15. Have leftover containers available. Send guests home with extra food (and ice if they live far away).
  16. Cater to your guests. Make sure you have food options suitable for everyone on your guest list.
  17. Keep food out of reach of children and pets. Don’t let small fingers or paws get the goods before it’s time to eat!
  18. Decorate the Table. Flowers, candles or table runners add an elegant touch.
  19. Tie a bottle opener to the cooler. It’s convenient for your guests and will keep it from getting lost.
  20. Prepare a music playlist. Or use one of ours! Simply search sonomamarket on Spotify for all sorts of sweet tunes and party playlists.
  • Cheese and Fruit Artfully Arranged Beside Wine Glass and Bottles