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Irish Cheese Pairings

Irish cheese and Guinness beer pairing

Who needs green beer when you can have true Irish brews and artisan cheese? This St. Patrick’s Day, set your table with tasty pairings like these pro picks, or drop by our adult beverage and specialty cheese departments to find your own favorites from the Emerald Isle! 

Oscar Wilde 2 Year Cheddar + Guinness Draught: This 2 year cheddar is produced in Cork County, Ireland's dairy heartland. Both the cheese and the beer have a creamy texture and a smooth body that play well off each other, and the distinct flavor in the cheese draws out the nuttiness in the stout.

Cahill’s Irish Porter Cheddar + Guinness Extra Stout: Made with Irish porter, this Cahill's cheese has been in production since 1759. Rich, tangy and chocolaty with a pungent finish, it demands a full-bodied beer with strong roasted malt flavors like Guinness Extra Stout—a drier, sharper version of the traditional Guinness Draught.

Kerrygold Skellig Sweet Cheddar + Jameson Irish Whiskey: This new cheese from Kerrygold has a butterscotch-like sweetness that makes it an ideal complement to this light, clean whiskey with light, floral aromas, pear and citrus on the nose, flavors of banana, vanilla and nuts, and a little oak and caramel on the finish.

  • Irish cheese and Guinness beer pairing