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Sonoma Market

Sonoma, CA 95476
6 a.m. to 9:30 p.m.
(707) 996-3411

Fresh Pop Pairings


Now trending: young and bright and tart and experimental. Go beyond the basic cheeseboard with tasteful one-offs like chèvre, young feta and fromage blanc (so extra). To keep your pairing playlist fresh, try light, fruity and herbaceous sips, then throw in enough sweet treats to share with the squad. #roséallday #craftbeer #cocktailhour 🍯🍒🍬🌰🍪

Millennial Pink (& Purple): Zhuzh up your cheeseboard with Cypress Grove Purple Haze, a unique goat milk cheese made with fennel pollen and lavender. Pair with CA superstar Malene Rosé to enjoy its complementary melon and strawberry notes, velvety texture, flinty minerality and long, dry finish.

Mood: 🤣 For sips and giggles, bring a bottle of Laughing Glass Pomegranate Margarita to the table. The bright red fruit notes are a tasty match for the tart and herbal flavors of Cypress Grove Purple Haze, and it offers a refreshing alternative if cheese and wine pairings are too mainstream.

In My Feta: The lemony, fresh flavors of goat cheese have been paired with sauvignon blanc for like ever. Bring this power couple into the 21st century with the beautiful Gérard Bertrand Perles de Sauvignon Blanc and Skyhill Farms Goat Feta, a local farmstead cheese with bright and salty notes.

KSA-Pop: Fresh from Napa Valley, sustainably farmed Skyhill Farms Goat Feta is full of bright, tart and zesty flavors. Pop open a can of Fort Point Beer Co. KSA Kölsch Style Ale, a German-inspired craft brew from San Francisco, for a light, floral hoppyness that harmonizes perfectly with the cheese.

OTP IRL: Find your one true pairing in real life with Nicasio Valley Foggy Morning, a local, organic, small-batch cheese, and Hahn SLH Chardonnay, a balanced, full-bodied chardonnay influenced by the cool climate of the Santa Lucia Highlands. The underlying acidity in the wine brings out the best in this lactic, fresh and creamy cheese. 

Feeling extra? Also try havarti!

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