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Wrap with Care

wrapped bouquet of flowers

When you’re on your way to your next dinner party with friends, don’t forget a little something for the host. Sonoma Market not only has everything you need to host a fabulous feast, but also everything you need for a quick gift grab. Along with fragrant candles, seasonal décor and many, many fine wines, we also offer gorgeous fresh flowers perfect for showing thanks to your host for their hospitality.

To wrap your flowers like a pro, grab a few materials and follow these simple steps.


  • Any grocery store bouquet
  • 18-inch (or so) square of material, craft paper, sturdy wrapping paper or burlap
  • Small plastic bag or wrap for the last 4-5 inches of the stems
  • Ribbon or twine for tying at the end 
  • A thoughtful card for that finishing touch

Step 1: Lay your wrapping material down on a flat surface, with one corner at the top so your square looks like a diamond. 

Step 2: Arrange your flowers! Begin by disassembling your bouquet—there will be three elements: greens, focal flowers and filler flowers. Lay out the greenery first as the foundation, trying for a triangle following the general shape of the top of your diamond wrap. Then place your focal flowers and trim the stems at the bottom accordingly. Finally lay out your filler flowers, spreading your color evenly throughout the bouquet.

Step 3: Trim the stems, then use a rubber band to tie the stems together at the bottom. Wrap the stems with your plastic bag to retain the moisture for transport. 

Step 4: Fold it up! Starting with the sides, fold the two corners of your wrapping material under the bouquet so the side edges are flat. Fold the bottom corner up then fold in the bottom corners of the two sides to create a little pocket at the bottom.

Step 5: Tie it up with a ribbon or twine and it’s done. Voila!

If you’re on your way to the party and don’t have time to wrap your flowers, you can always ask a friendly associate and they will happily wrap your bouquet in craft paper or arrange it in a vase (with purchase) for a finer, more finished look.

For more information on caring for your flowers, check out our Care Tips for Fresh Cut Flowers

  • wrapped bouquet of flowers
  • step by step floral wrapping in four photos