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Drink Clean in 2019

C-Booster smoothie with ingredients

Take care of yourself this winter with our coffee and juice bar’s two newest power-packed smoothies. Whether you need a hearty recovery drink for your new workout plan or want to “C’s” the day to help stave off winter ills, we have just the drink for you. 

Check out these Health Notes by Dr. Liz to learn more about our latest drinks and their impressive roster of health-boosting ingredients.

C-Booster: Each 12-ounce smoothie supplies only 350 calories and packs more than 450% of vitamin C needs, more than 35% of fiber needs, a wealth of B vitamins and potassium crucial for an optimal immune response.

  • Strawberries provide ellagic acid, and fresh ginger supplies gingerol.
  • Mangos are rich in pectin, a fiber, and peaches supply a pigment called lutein.
  • Pineapple provides fiber, vitamin C and potassium.
  • Fresh orange packs vitamin C, water-soluble fiber and bioflavonoids.
  • Echinacea has been shown in a few scientific studies to help boost white blood cell numbers.

Muscle Up Butter Cup: This smoothie is a perfect recovery drink as you rev up your wintertime fitness plan. A 16-ounce smoothie supplies…

  • More than a meal’s worth of powerful nutrition in just 370 calories.
  • More than 100% of vitamin A needs and 350% of vitamin K (vital for bone health).
  • A whopping 20 grams of vegan protein (40% of the Daily Value) thanks to soy nut butter and Vega protein and greens powder.
  • 25% of fiber needs which promotes healthy digestive tract function and helps curb your appetite.

Find these sensational smoothies and many other delicious drink options at our coffee and juice bar!

  • C-Booster smoothie with ingredients
  • muscle up butter cup smoothie with ingredients