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Clean Eating Essential Elements

illustrations of bread, eggs, smoothie and ingredients

Health Notes by Dr. Liz

How do you build your clean eating regimen? Whatever your personal taste, style and plan, here are a few worthwhile elements along with a breakdown on why they’re good for you by Dr. Liz Applegate, PhD.

Extraordinary Eggs: Eggs are packed with an array of nutrients that support heart health, brain power and so much more! In a mere 70 calories per large egg, you get 6-7 grams of protein plus heart-healthy fats and a host of vitamins, minerals and nutrients like vitamin K (crucial for bone health) and choline (involved in brain health and memory). Organic eggs may supply more of an essential fat called ALA, and eggs from free-range hens may have greater amounts of lutein (good for eye health) and other nutrients.

Sprouted Grain Breads: Hearty sprouted whole grain breads made with organic ingredients supply a wealth of good-for-you nutrients. Sprouted wheat supplies more vitamins and fiber than un-sprouted whole grain wheat. While precise vitamin and mineral values of sprouted grains are not yet available, preliminary research from food scientists suggests that both higher levels of these nutrients and better uptake by the body make sprouted grain breads an excellent choice.

Supercharged Smoothies: A well-made smoothie can be a nutritional powerhouse! With the right ingredients, this blended concoction supplies protein, energizing carbs and a wealth of vitamins, minerals and health-boosting compounds. To make your smoothie work for you, mix it up with power-packed ingredients like protein (Greek yogurt, milk, protein powder, etc.), fruit, veggies, seeds, nut butters and more. Pro Tip: Frozen fruit can be used in place of ice cubes to up the chill factor.

  • illustrations of bread, eggs, smoothie and ingredients