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Sonoma Market

Sonoma, CA 95476
6 a.m. to 9:30 p.m.
(707) 996-3411

Halftime = Snack Time

chips, chicharrones and cashews with salsa and guacamole

Snack foods are an easy way to take your game day spread to the next level. Keep the cooking to a minimum and throw together an awesome snack bar with great variety. From traditional chips and award-winning salsas to organic cashews or gluten-free cheese crisps, these savory snacks will win over any crowd.

4505 Meats Chicharrones: Get a taste of the action with melt-in-your-mouth, kettle-cooked chicharrones. In an effort for sustainability, they’re made from pork skin sourced from family farms and fried in lard to use all parts of the animal. Pass the pigskins, please!

Sabor Homemade Tortilla Chips: A chip off the corn tortilla, these delicious chips taste like corn and are light enough for serious snacking, yet sturdy enough for scooping guacamole and salsa as you watch your team.

Papalote Salsa: Enjoy award-winning salsa right out of the Mission District restaurant, Papalote Mexican Grill in San Francisco. With flavor profiles even Iron Chef Bobby Flay was impressed by, this line of salsa will be the highlight of your snack table!

Mavuno Harvest Organic Cashews: Nuts about nuts? For a snack treat that’s on the healthy side, try these 100% organic, jumbo grade whole cashews. Even better, they’re Direct Trade Certified and non-GMO verified.

Sonoma Creamery Parmesan Crisps: These cheese crisps made with hormone-free milk and a gluten-free blend of ancient grains are baked, never fried, and are naturally lactose free and certified gluten free.

Drop by Sonoma Market to discover these winning snacks and other half time must-haves!

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  • chips, chicharrones and cashews with salsa and guacamole