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A is for Active

protein and collagen powder products with A is for Active text

For competitive athletes and casual fitness fans alike, we have just what you need to keep going strong. Enjoy a variety of energy-boosting pre-workout supplements, hydration and recovery powders and remedies for sore muscles and supplements for joint health.

Vega Sport Premium Protein: Up your protein game with natural, plant-based protein powders designed specifically to support your workout routine. Formulated by a vegan and former Ironman Triathlete, they’re tried, tested and here to help you every step of the way.  

Pro Tip: Shakes aren’t the only way to get your protein powder.You can also make it into a healthy snack with recipes like Very Vega Energy Bites!

Vital Proteins Collagen: If you’re looking to add a little more collagen to your diet, Vital Proteins has a variety of quality products to help you effortlessly add it to your day. With everything from unflavored collagen peptides to tropical hibiscus beauty collagen and even matcha collagen, they're easy to mix into any beverage—hot or cold!

Boiron Arnicare: A little sore after all that awesome activity? For some homeopathic relief, Boiron Arnicare is a great option. With natural arnica as the active ingredient, it’s designed to provide temporary relief from muscle pain, stiffness, swelling and bruises.

Visit our healthy living department to find these and a variety of other amazing products made to support your active lifestyle!

  • protein and collagen powder products with A is for Active text