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Sonoma Market

Sonoma, CA 95476
6 a.m. to 9:30 p.m.
(707) 996-3411

Heavenly Chocolate Pairings

three kinds of chocolate with three bottles of wine

Pair fine wine with choice chocolate for a true treat for the palate. Whether you prefer port, sherry or zinfandel, we’ve put together a few delicious chocolate and wine pairings perfect for after-dinner indulgence.

Warre’s Warrior Porto + Cucina & Amore Chocolate Wafer Rolls: Port often pairs well with chocolate, and this match-up of Warre’s Warrior Porto and Cucina & Amore Chocolate Wafer Rolls is one of the best. The rich and creamy milk chocolate center of these crisp wafer rolls from Greece brings out the dark berry and licorice components of this classic, fruity wine.

OZV Zinfandel + Marich Chocolate Covered Cherries: This local wine from Lodi, California, is currently one of our most popular wines. To match its red raspberry notes and other big juicy flavors, pair with these Fair Trade sweets. These chocolate-covered cherries complement the bold fruit flavors of the zinfandel with a juicy explosion of flavor in your mouth.

Harvey’s Bristol Cream Sherry + Lula’s Aloha Rocky Road: While Harvey’s Bristol Cream Sherry actually has no cream, the taste and texture in the finish of this medium sweet wine leave you with that impression. The rich dried fruit and nutty flavors go well with the velvety, creamy milk chocolate and marshmallows in Lula’s Aloha Rocky Road, handcrafted in Monterey.

Hungry yet? Visit Sonoma Market to find these wonderful wines and chocolates, plus many, many more!

  • three kinds of chocolate with three bottles of wine