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Chocolate & Cheese? Yes, Please!

bird's eye view of cheeses and chocolates arranged on marble

Decadent, rich, sweet and creamy are all words that could describe fine chocolate or artisan cheese. In place of dried fruits, jam or honey one might add as a sweet side to a cheese board, why not try chocolate? The complementary flavors of well-chosen pairings bring out the best in each other, creating an entirely new and delicious eating experience. Get started with these tasty pairings from our pros.

Humboldt Fog + Fresh to Market Dark 72% Chocolate: The acidity and earthiness in this soft-ripened goat milk cheese balance the rich earthiness and complexity of our own dark chocolate made locally in Napa Valley by Master Chocolatier Chef Sebastien Beline of Le Belge.

Jeffs' Select Gouda + TCHO 39% Milk Chocolate: Natural caramel and butterscotch flavors in this award-winning gouda are accentuated with the sweet cocoa butter in this choice milk chocolate from Berkeley. This entire pairing tastes like chocolate-covered caramel—it’s delicious!

Grazin’ Girl Gorgonzola + Chuao Honeycomb Dark Chocolate: The sweet notes of honeycomb play off of the salty and poignant notes of the gorgonzola in this California power couple. Rich butterfat in the cheese and rich cocoa butter in the chocolate lend a silky mouthfeel when eaten together.

Mayan Cocoa Coffee Fontina + Dick Taylor Fleur de Sel Dark Chocolate: The subtle cocoa rub on the cheese is accentuated by the rich earthy notes in this craft chocolate. The pleasant salty crunch in the chocolate gives the creamy fontina some complexity that leaves you wanting more.

Marin French Triple Crème + Marich Milk Chocolate Cherries: For a fun flavor pairing reminiscent of Cherry Dr. Pepper, enjoy a few of these Fair Trade chocolate-covered cherries with the utter decadence of this artisan, organic, brie-style cheese made fresh in Petaluma!

Beecher's Smoked Flagship + Fresh to Market Dark Chipotle Chocolate: The robust smokiness of this award-winning cow’s milk cheese is a perfect match for our own Fresh to Market Dark Chipotle Chocolate with its subtle sweetness and pleasant heat from chipotle peppers.

Deer Creek Vat 17 World Cheddar + Dick Taylor Chocolate Coated Almonds: The cheese is sharp and nutty. The chocolate is sweet and nutty. Together they both become even nuttier and while the sharp/sweet contrast dances playfully on your palate.

Barely Buzzed Cheddar + TCHO 53% Milk Chocolate: The espresso and lavender rub on this full-bodied cheese matches perfectly with the rich, fudgy flavors in this decadent, organic, Fair Trade milk chocolate. Coffee + cream + chocolate… What could be better?

Drop by our specialty cheese department for these and an abundance of other artisan cheeses to enjoy with your favorite chocolates!

  • bird's eye view of cheeses and chocolates arranged on marble