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Top-Notch Taco Toppings

tomatillo crudo and habanero salsa

From sensational salsas to grilled and pickled vegetables, flavorful toppings bring out the best in any type of taco. If you’re looking for quick, easy and delicious options, our kitchen has you covered with fresh, chef-prepared salsas, guacamole and more. Feeling like cooking? Get started with a few simple recipes. Taco ‘bout a good time!

Grab & Go:

Habanero Salsa: Bring the heat to your taco bar with this fiery, chef-prepared salsa starring spicy hot habanero peppers, kumato tomatoes, onions, lime and spices.

Tomatillo Crudo: For a tangier taste, try one of our kitchen’s newest creations made with tomatillos, avocado, jalapeños and cilantro, all blended with sour cream, lemon and garlic.

Let's Get Cooking:

Grilled Jalapeños & Scallions: Take your taco toppings to the next level with the smoky, spicy flavors of grilled jalapeños and scallions.

Pickled Carrots, Onion & Jalapeño: These pretty pickled veggies are tasty on top of tacos, salads and more. Store any extras in the fridge for up to a week.

  • pickled vegetables and grilled jalapeños and green onions
  • tomatillo crudo and habanero salsa