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Sonoma Market

Sonoma, CA 95476
6 a.m. to 9:30 p.m.
(707) 996-3411

This Just In… May 2019

six types of products on colored squares

Our amazing team of buyers is always on the hunt for awesome new products to share with our guests. From local finds to artisan creations, imported specialties to gourmet goodies, we’re proud to offer an amazing selection of products that’s constantly evolving to include the latest and greatest. Enjoy a novel taste or two with these new products just hitting our stores! 

Rescue Roasts Coffee: We love a company with a cause and Rescue Roasts has a mission to help our furry friends who have been abandoned, surrendered, abused or neglected. From Northern California, they use their passion for Fair Trade and 100% organic coffee to donate a portion of their proceeds to various rescue partners who support dogs, cats, horses and other animals in need of a little extra love.

Greenlee's Bakery Loaves: A San Francisco tradition since 1924, Greenlee’s Bakery is no stranger to making delicious breads. Try their new loaf flavors in Chocolate, Lemon, Blueberry Poppy Seed and Banana Nut. This new lineup strays from their signature cinnamon flavors (which are also amazing), and are so delicious you may wonder if they’re for breakfast, dessert or snacking. We know from experience, they’re good for all three.

Bonnie's Jams: Made in a variety of inspired fruit flavors with less sugar than conventional jams, the unique fruit combinations in these jams really stand out. Find sweet, zingy flavors like Raspberry Lime Rickey, Peach Ginger, Black & Blue and Apricot Orange with our other jams and jellies, then mosey over to the marinades section to find the sweet and spicy Red Pepper Jelly—our buyer’s favorite. Delicious as an appetizer with crackers and cream cheese, it can be used as a glaze on pork, ribs or shrimp or in place of cranberry sauce on a turkey sandwich!

Mina Shakshuka Sauce: Shakshuka is not a Pitbull song, although the name comes from the word “shakshek” which means to shake or jiggle in North African Arabic. Rather, it’s a Moroccan staple dish featuring eggs and sauce that’s so good you may just want to shimmy when you eat it. With Mina’s sauce, all that’s left is to heat the sauce, add the eggs and shakshek! Along with the classic use, this sauce can also be enjoyed over pasta, on pizza or as a crostini topper.

Il Boschetto Risotto Farm Risotto: Risotto can be rich and comforting or as light as spring! It is versatile and delicious, just begging to be paired with the season’s best veggies and a healthy dose of Parmesan. We have three new varieties from Il Boschetto that will make it a snap: Asparagus, Milanese and Porcini Mushroom. All three are easy to make and perfect for a spring get-together or as a side to a barbecue dish.

Tejava Origins Organic Tea: Tejava has two new organic, sugar-free and non-GMO teas to sip: Fujian Olong and Hojicha Green Tea. Hojicha Green Tea is an authentic roasted green tea, brewed with leaves from Kagoshima, Japan, a region noted for deep roasted taste, with a touch of nutty flavor. Fujian Oolong Tea is an authentic oolong tea, brewed with leaves from Guizhou, China for a honey aroma and warm toasted nut flavor. Just in time for the warm weather, these cold teas are sure to be a new favorite!

There are always new items hitting the shelves at Sonoma Market, so whether you’re looking for these fantastic finds or something else on your shopping list, feel free to ask one of our friendly associates who are always happy help find it, or let our buyers know you’re looking for it!

  • six types of products on colored squares