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Why Grow Houseplants?

two houseplants in pots

Along with being a beautiful addition to any style of decor, houseplants have a variety of other benefits, too! Here are just a few reasons why raising plants inside can make your space the great indoors.

Plants purify the air:

  • Plants have been shown to remove airborne contaminants that can cause headaches, allergies and more, while also producing clean air and improving the air quality around them.
  • Plants work like sponges by trapping toxins from the air and either absorbing them or breaking them down into harmless byproducts.
  • Indoor plants reduce dust and increase humidity levels in the home.
  • During photosynthesis, plants reduce carbon dioxide in the air and add oxygen, helping you breathe better. 

Plants are mood enhancers:

  • Plants can reduce stress and help you feel happier.
  • Plants teach us empathy as caring for them increases compassion and improves relationships.
  • Looking at flowering plants can have an immediate impact on happiness and memory by reminding us of a positive event.
  • Plants help you feel more optimistic.

Plants help you think:

  • Plants can provide a natural distraction from hours in front of a computer screen or a pile of homework.
  • Having a bit of Mother Nature to look at on your desk can help you renew your attention and gives stimulation to your brain and senses.

Drop by our floral department to find a variety of houseplants and other beautiful greenery and flowers, perfect for brightening up your space!

  • two houseplants in pots