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From My Head To-ma-toes

heirloom tomatoes in a wooden tray

Summer’s officially here, which means it’s tomato time here in California! We’re thrilled to offer a wide variety of fresh and flavorful California-grown tomatoes from local, organic farms like Full Belly Farm and Terra Firma Farm.

Based in the beautiful Capay Valley of Yolo County, Full Belly Farm is a 400-acre certified organic farm that has been using organic farming practices since 1985. Committed to long-term sustainable strategies and environmental goals, this local farm grows amazing organic produce like heirloom, Roma and cherry tomatoes in harmony with nature.

Terra Firma Farm’s story started in the 1980s when Paul Holmes started farming under the name of Sky Hill Farm. With new partners and growing popularity, they became Terra Firma Farm in 1993. Nowadays, this local, 200-acre certified organic farm in Winters, California, grows many organic fruits and veggies including cherry tomatoes and heirloom tomatoes!

According to Dr. Liz, tomatoes (which are technically a fruit and botanically a berry) supply a wealth of unique phytonutrients with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory power, which makes them delicious and nutritious. Enjoy some yourself with these tantalizing recipes!

Veggie Eggs BenedictFor a veggie-centric take on this hearty breakfast, layer on roasted tomatoes, avocado and spinach—yum!

Heirloom Tomato Panzanella SaladHomemade sourdough croutons soak up the flavors of fresh heirloom tomatoes and Parmigiano Reggiano in this simple, summery salad.

Tomato & Caramelized Onion Hand PiesFor a savory spin on hand pies, balance the sweetness of caramelized onions and roasted tomatoes with the tang of fresh goat cheese.

Check out some fun facts about tomatoes in our Foodie FAQs: Summer Produce!

  • heirloom tomatoes in a wooden tray
  • full belly farm field
  • two farmers from Terra Firma farms