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The Mediterranean Lamb Burger

two halves of a mediterranean lamb burger on a plate

If lamb’s your jam, this burger is sure to hit the spot. Bring out the best in ground lamb with a few Mediterranean flavors and this simply delicious non-recipe.

Season Cascade Creek Ground Lamb with Spiceology Greek Freak, lemon zest and chopped Kalamata olives for a flavorful burger patty. Slather an Asiago Black Pepper Bun from our bakery with Mina Harissa and homemade feta spread, then add the grilled patty, pickles, red onion, lettuce and heirloom tomato, finished with a dash of salt, pepper, red wine vinegar and extra virgin olive oil.

Cascade Creek Ground Lamb: Humanely and sustainably raised by family farmers along the West Coast, Cascade Creek lamb is 100% grass-fed, antibiotic-free and pasture-raised, resulting in a flavorful, premium protein.

Spiceology Greek Freak Mediterranean Rub: Enjoy high-intensity flavors and aromas with this enticing spice blend featuring dried onion, sun-dried tomato, chili pepper, orange peel powder and herbs.

Mina Harissa Red Pepper Sauce: Made with chilies, garlic, extra virgin olive oil, vinegar and no preservatives, this uniquely delicious North African chili sauce is hot, tangy and savory in all the right ways.

If you’d like refer to a recipe, we’ve got you covered!

  • two halves of a mediterranean lamb burger on a plate