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The Low-Carb Bison Burger

bison burger with fried chicken skin, an egg and no bun on a plate

If you’ve gone keto or simply want to cut some carbs, we’ve got the burger for you. Similar to beef in many ways, bison is a lean protein with plenty of flavor. It shines even more in this keto-friendly combo.

Low in carbs and high in flavor, this tasty burger starts with a Durham Ranch Ground Bison patty seasoned simply with salt and pepper. Once cooked, top it with savory stewed mushrooms, crispy fried chicken skin and—any burger’s crowning glory—a fried egg. Skip the bun and wrap it in iceberg lettuce for the ultimate bread-free burger.

Durham Ranch Ground Bison: Naturally lean and totally tasty, Durham Ranch bison is humanely and sustainably raised on small family ranches that focus on both preserving the land and raising healthy animals.

Fresh to Market Eggs: All-natural Fresh to Market Eggs are Grade AA for a good reason! These large brown eggs come from cage-free chickens raised on organic vegetarian feed and never given any added hormones, steroids or antibiotics. Sourced from humane-certified producers local to Northern California, these top-notch eggs are the definition of good eggs! 

Want to learn how to make stewed mushrooms and fried chicken skin? Get the full recipe here.

  • bison burger with fried chicken skin, an egg and no bun on a plate