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Extraordinary Sustainability: Composting

full circle composting products

Com-post-ing, easy as 1, 2, 3. It’s as easy as A, B C, composting, you and me! Along with making a catchy tune, composting allows food waste to be recycled back into a new product instead of sending it to the landfill. Here at Sonoma Market, we call that a triple sustainability win because it balances the economic, social and environmental pillars of sustainability. Have more composting questions? We have answers!

What is compost? Compost is organic matter made from “green” waste like food and “brown” waste like leaves and branches, with the right ratio of moisture, oxygen and heat. It’s often used in gardens and agriculture to supplement the soil.

Why is compost beneficial? Compost adds nutrients to the soil, which not only creates a healthier soil for the plants, but also transfers nutrients to the plants themselves making them healthier and more nutritious!

Can I compost at home? Yes, and you can use the compost in your own garden! It’s not quite as easy as throwing all your food waste in a big pile in your backyard and letting it sit for three months (although some do), but there are plenty of methods you can try including vermicomposting (composting with worms), compost tumblers or three-tiered composting.

What sort of container should I use? No matter what kind of compost system you have at your disposal, you’ll need the right kind of compost pail. For that, be sure to check out our newest product from Full Circle: their Odor-Free Kitchen Compost Collector!

What if I don’t have space to compost at home? Don’t worry, there are still options for residents who don’t want their food waste to go to waste. Try looking up local community gardens and see if they accept compost donations. California is also currently working on legislation to require waste haulers to pick up organic waste from commercial and residential areas, so stay tuned for more information on that in the coming months.

  • full circle composting products