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Chocolate Situations: Enjoying

illustrations of ways to enjoy chocolate

If life is like these bars of chocolate, it sure is good. Our Fresh to Market Chocolate is made locally in Napa Valley by Master Chocolatier Chef Sebastien Beline of Le Belge. Even better, there are four luscious flavors to choose from and countless ways to enjoy them.

Need It Now: It’s 2 p.m., three hours to go... Grab your favorite Fresh to Market Chocolate bar—Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, Chipotle Dark Chocolate or Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt—and eat it straight for a perfect midafternoon pick-me-up!

Break It Up: While we’re not saying chocolate is the solution to all your sorrows, according to scientists, it may actually boost your sense of wellbeing (thanks, Dr. Liz!). Break up a bar and add it to our Fresh to Market Ice Cream before you take on your next tearjerker. 

Bake It Off: From chocolate chunk cookies to brownies, muffins and more, there are few desserts that can’t benefit from a bit of chocolate. Plus, baked goods make delicious gifts for any occasion—thank you/I’m sorry/happy birthday/I love you!

Temper, Temper: To get the perfect shine on chocolate-covered strawberries or truffles, tempering is key. Simply break chocolate into small pieces and place ⅔of it in the top of a double boiler. Stir constantly over hot (not boiling) water until temperature is 110-115°F. Remove from heat and cool to 95-100°F, then add remaining chocolate and stir until completely melted. Now you’re ready to dip, coat or candy to your heart’s content!

For even more ways to enjoy our delicious Fresh to Market Chocolate, check out Chocolate Situations: Entertaining.

  • illustrations of ways to enjoy chocolate