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Sonoma Market

Sonoma, CA 95476
6 a.m. to 9:30 p.m.
(707) 996-3411

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scoops of fresh to market ice cream in sundae glasses

There’s no question ice cream is the epitome of instant dessert gratification. Take our smooth, rich and creamy Fresh to Market Ice Cream for example. Straight from the freezer or scooped in a sundae, each unique flavor is crafted in small batches using only the finest ingredients, like real vanilla extract, heavy cream and Gertrude Hawk Chocolates. The real question is, what’s your favorite flavor...?

Salt Lick: If you’re a fan of all things caramel sea salt, you’ll want to grab this fantastic flavor lickety split. Indulge in rich vanilla bean ice cream chock-full of tasty caramel truffles beautifully balanced by a touch of sea salt.

Gold Mine: Go for the gold with this spectacularly decadent ode to chocolate and peanut butter. The deep, dark chocolate ice cream is filled with marvelous mini peanut butter cup nuggets. Dig in for a tasty treasure indeed!

Mint Dusa: Move aside, mint chip—Mint Dusa leaves the competition frozen in its tracks. Scoop up some of this silky mint ice cream packed with dark chocolate cookie crumbs for legendary taste that’s dangerously delicious.

  • scoops of fresh to market ice cream in sundae glasses