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World’s Best Cheese of 2019

 rogue river blue cheese with text: 2019's best cheese in the world

And the winner of 2019's Best Cheese in the World is... Rogue River Blue Cheese! Handmade by Rogue Creamery in southern Oregon, this organic cheese is cave-aged for 9-11 months, then hand-wrapped in Syrah grape leaves soaked in pear liqueur. It’s the first American cheese to win this prestigious award, and we have it at Sonoma Market!

What makes this cheese the best? For starters, it’s an organic artisan cheese that boasts bold, welcoming flavors of brandy, fruit and burnt cream with hints of sweet pine, wild berries, hazelnut, morel and pear. Along with the creamy, buttery texture, it also has delightful specks of crystallization that add to the appeal. The blue veins that run through it are both lovely and delicious, and the grape leaf rind is the cherry on top.

Along with crafting amazing organic cheese, Rogue Creamery is also a Certified B Corporation dedicated to service and sustainability. As if that weren’t impressive enough, their Rogue River Blue Cheese is also gluten free, vegetarian friendly and made from certified sustainable cow’s milk.

Rogue River Blue Cheese is a limited release every September, so supplies are limited. Drop by the specialty cheese department at Sonoma Market to pick up some of this award-winning cheese while you can!

  •  rogue river blue cheese with text: 2019's best cheese in the world
  • rogue river blue cheese on a plate with a cheese knife