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DIY Valentine’s Day Décor

three crafty Valentine's Day floral displays

Spruce up your space this Valentine’s Day with fun and clever floral décor! These festive crafts are easy to make using simple household items and a few fresh florals from Sonoma Market. Ready, set, craft!

Candy Heart Illusion Vase: For an extra sweet floral arrangement, start by finding two vases that nest well with about half an inch of space between them. Place double-sided tape on the bottom of the smaller vase and stick it down in the center of the larger vase. Fill the space between the inner and outer vase with candy hearts until the smaller vase is completely hidden. Add a little water and flowers of your choice to the inner vase, and maybe a corrugated construction paper heart or two while you’re at it!

Branching Out: For a simply elegant centerpiece, place a handful of tapered branches in a large statement vase. For an extra pop of color and texture, add some 3D paper hearts!

  • For the hanging hearts, cut small construction paper hearts in multiples of two. Fold each one in half like butterfly wings, then glue the folds together so it looks like an x from above. Once the glue is dry, poke a hole near the top of the heart and tie pretty thread or ribbon through to make a loop and hang from the branches.
  • For the corrugated hearts, simply cut out a large heart from construction paper, then fold it every quarter inch of so like an accordion. Pull the heart back open, attach to a wooden skewer with tape and place in your arrangement.

Tiers of Joy: Triple the Valentine’s Day fun with three tiers of festive delights! Start with a three-tiered stand. Fill 5–6 small dishes and glasses per tier with your favorite colorful candies. Arrange the larger dishes on the bottom tier and the smaller ones on the middle tier, then add colored tulle to fill in any gaps. On the top tier, use shot glasses as miniature vases and fill with spray roses, carnations or your favorite flowers trimmed to fit.

Ready to get started? Drop by our floral department for beautiful blooms, festive floral ideas and more!

  • three crafty Valentine's Day floral displays
  • Valentine's Day floral arrangement with candy hearts in vase
  • Valentine's Day branch arrangement with paper hearts
  • three-tiered Valentine's Day floral display with candy