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Sweet Earth Bowls
  • Local (within 100 miles)

Sweet Earth Bowls

8.5–9 OZ. box

Selected varieties


SKUs included:

  • Sweet Earth Bowl Curry Tiger 0001674100004
  • Sweet Earth Bowl General Tso's Tofu 0001674100010
  • Sweet Earth Bowl Kyoto Stir Fry 0001674100007
  • Sweet Earth Bowl Borderless Enchilada 0001674100001
  • Sweet Earth Bowl Cauliflower Macaroni & Cheese 0001674100070
  • Sweet Earth Bowl Pizza Macaroni And Cheese 0001674100008
  • Sweet Earth Bowl Mongolian Beefless 0001674179538
  • Sweet Earth Bowl Pasta Puttanesca 0001674190147
  • Sweet Earth Bowl Chicken Fajita 0001674128991
  • Sweet Earth Bowl Kung Pao Chicken 0001674142242

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