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Company History


March – Roseville, Blue Oaks Blvd. store opens.


Nugget Markets acquires Sonoma Market in Sonoma Valley.


April 29 – Nugget Markets acquires three stores in Marin County: Belvedere-Tiburon (16,000 sq. ft.), Corte Madera (16,000 sq. ft.) and Novato (23,000 sq. ft.).


December – Food 4 Less in Cameron Park is rebranded Fork Lift by Nugget Markets, becoming a hybrid of our two formats, Nugget Markets and Food 4 Less.


Nugget Markets launches Lifestyle Diets program.


Fifth generation of Stille family joins Nugget Markets leadership team. 2008 January – El Dorado Hills store opens (58,920 sq. ft.).

June – Elk Grove store opens (52,762 sq. ft.).


February – Roseville store opens (56,750 sq. ft.).


September – West Sacramento store opens (51,206 sq. ft.).


Nugget Markets incorporates healthy living departments into stores.

July – Cameron Park Food 4 Less store opens (53,165 sq. ft.).

October – Sacramento (Florin) store opens (43,018 sq. ft.).


Nugget Markets launches training program that focuses on quality service and associate development. 2000 June – Covell Blvd., Davis store opens (40,000 sq. ft.).

December – Vacaville store opens (55,722 sq. ft.). Both stores showcase European market-style format, with expanded perishable departments.


First cheese specialist is brought on staff to offer more than 100 hand-selected, hand-cut-and-wrapped cheeses. Current selection count includes more than 400 local, domestic and imported cheeses.


First professional chef is brought on staff to create fresh meal solutions, made onsite daily. July – Woodland Food 4 Less opens (51,053 sq. ft.).


Eric Stille (fourth generation) takes over as CEO/President.

Eric’s leadership transforms Nugget Markets’ traditional format to a European market-style, 10 years prior to the competition. New format offers:

  • Deli with fresh homemade meal solutions, in addition to meats and cheeses.
  • Artisan breads, pastries and desserts made from scratch onsite.
  • Expanded wine selection.
  • Creative merchandising techniques not seen before in the grocery industry.

First wine steward is brought on staff to assist shoppers with their adult beverage selections.


October – Vallejo Food 4 Less store opens (49,889 sq. ft.).


Nugget Markets launches chef-led Asian kitchen.


Nugget Markets introduces creative and unique merchandising techniques in the produce department.

Nugget Markets begins its longstanding partnership with Nor-Cal Produce, a family-owned-and-operated business, which offers an expanded and diverse selection, as well as elevated level of quality and freshness with six-days-a-week delivery.


Current CEO/President, Eric Stille, joins company as buyer (grandson and great grandson of founders). April – Mace Blvd., Davis store opens (23,085 sq. ft.).


Nugget Market in Woodland remodels, moving the main entrance to the north end of the building, increasing its size by 70% and becoming a “super store” with 70 associates. New departments include: deli, hot food takeout, fresh fish and seafood, bakery and floral.


Gene Stille takes over company as President. Under Gene’s leadership, Nugget Market establishes itself as the Every Day Low Price Leader in the region.

Independent grocery stores do 60% of the nation’s food business, and grocery chains only do 40%. During this decade, technology enables efficiencies (patented mechanical case cutters, electronic meat scales, etc.) that allow independents to streamline operations and remain competitive with large national chains.


Nugget Market introduces expanded takeout food in its deli department, placing emphasis on quality and convenience.


Third generation, Gene Stille, joins the company (son and grandson of founders).


Nugget Market moves from its second location (407 Main Street) to it's current location (157 Main Street). The cost of the new store is $50,000. At the time, Nugget Market employs 16 associates and is open six days a week, 9 a.m.–6 p.m.

Mack and Will add a smokehouse and meat locker business to the back of the store. Sharp freeze box is used for processing meats, berries and fruits before storage in individual lockers.


Nugget Market moves from its original location (416 Main Street) to 407 Main Street. 


Nugget Market adds a soda fountain counter and meat market, selling prime meat, much of it raised by Mack and Will. Ice cream sodas are just ten cents!


September 28 – Father-son team, William and Mack Stille, open original Nugget Market in Woodland, California. First store is located at 416 Main Street.The store is 18’ × 35’ and costs $1,300 to get started, including fixtures and stock.

Nugget Market acquires its name by way of a contest.The winner is an 8-year-old girl who comes up with
the name because of the gold-painted pillars at the front of the store, which remind her of the California gold rush “nuggets.”

With a passion for produce, Mack travels the western states seeking the freshest high-quality produce available. Nugget Market eventually partners with United Produce (second largest nonprofit co-op wholesale house in the nation) to expand its selection.