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Sonoma Market

Sonoma, CA 95476
6 a.m. to 9:30 p.m.
(707) 996-3411


  1. pork tenderloin with roasted and pickled rhubarb
  2. Sierra sirloin roast with spices and sides

    High Sierra Sirloin

    Bring out the best in your Sierra sirloin by coating it with a peppery and savory marinade before it hits the grill.

  3. rack em up ribs with sides

    Rack ’em Up Ribs

    Grilled low and slow with a homemade rub and barbecue sauce, these mouthwatering ribs are as authentic as it gets!

  4. aperol rosé cocktail with orange

    Aperol Rosé

    Both light and refreshing, this delightful cocktail is great for brunch, barbecues or any time at all.

  5. hands holding boozy mousse in a martini glass
  6. smoked salmon gravlax
  7. house smoked gravlax crostini

    House-Smoked Gravlax Crostini

    These delicious appetizers star our recipe for House-Smoked Gravlax Salmon, but you can also use your favorite pre-smoked salmon. 

  8. brie and apple tea sandwiches

    Brie & Apple Tea Sandwiches

    Pickled onions and rye bread offer delicious contrast to the sweetness of the apple and creaminess of the brie in this simple sandwich.

  9. asparagus avocado chevre
  10. shrimp cucumber sandwich
  11. chocolate cocktail with chocolate shavings and pieces

    Chocolate-Laced Mezcal

    Three cheers for chocolate! This delicious cocoa cocktail starts with a homemade chocolate milk and mezcal base and boasts a creamy, smoky finish.

  12. pickled vegetables and grilled jalapeños and green onions
  13. tacos al pastor with limes
  14. Carne Asada tacos

    Carne Asada Tacos

    These flavorful, seasoned beef tacos are extra amazing with some homemade pickled vegetables on top. 

  15. pitchers and glasses of aguas frescas

    Aguas Frescas

    Simple to make and delicious to drink, aguas frescas are a refreshing and tropical treat that are easily customizable and just as sweet as you want them to be. Enjoy on a warm day with friends, or anytime you're craving a sweet, summery sip.

  16. ice cream tacos

    Ice Cream Tacos

    We're such fans of tacos, we even made a dessert version! Instead of a classic waffle cone, this sweet taco features a thin, crispy cookie called a tuille shaped into a taco shell and filled with ice cream.

  17. pickled vegetables and grilled jalapeños and green onions
  18. black bean and sweet potato tacos

    Black Bean Sweet Potato Tacos

    For a vegetarian taco option, try this tasty recipe starring seasoned black beans and sweet potatoes with Nugget Markets' spicy Habanero Salsa.

  19. chicken tacos with salsa verde

    Chicken Tacos with Salsa Verde

    This flavorful recipe for chicken tacos features signature Mexican spices and a tomatillo salsa verde that's so good you'll want to have chips on the side.

  20. eggs Benedict with tomato, spinach and avocado

    Veggie Eggs Benedict

    For a veggie-centric take on this hearty breakfast, layer on roasted tomatoes, avocado and spinach—yum!

  21. eggs Benedict with pancetta and asparagus

    Pancetta Eggs Benedict

    Pancetta, please! Add rich and crispy pancetta and roasted asparagus to your Eggs Benedict for a little extra decadence. 

  22. vegan eggs Benedict with green sauce

    Vegan Eggs Benedict

    Enjoy a taste of plant-based perfection with this vegan version of classic brunch fare starring our recipe for Vegan Frittatas.

  23. eggs Benedict with lox and dill

    Lox Eggs Benedict

    Top an English muffin with smoked salmon, a poached egg and hollandaise for a flavorful fusion of two breakfast favorites. 

  24. hands making hollandaise sauce

    Hollandaise Sauce

    Along with being delicious over Eggs Benedict, this rich and creamy sauce also goes great with asparagus, salmon and more.

  25. homemade English muffins

    Classic English Muffins

    Make these soft and chewy English muffins at home and enjoy them warm with butter or your favorite jam.