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Sonoma Market

Sonoma, CA 95476
6 a.m. to 9:30 p.m.
(707) 996-3411


  1. persimmon chutney horizontal

    Persimmon Chutney

    Sweet, sour and spicy, this persimmon chutney is a fun and flavorful fall accompaniment to pork or poultry. 

  2. braised beef short ribs horizontal

    Braised Beef Short Ribs

    Tender, decadent and full of fantastic flavor, these slow-braised short ribs are absolutely worth the wait.

  3. New York Steak Frites horizontal

    New York Steak Frites

    There are few things tastier than perfectly cooked steak with a side of seasoned fries, especially when you start with our Fresh to Market Angus Beef New York steaks.

  4. focaccia bread on a wooden cutting board


    This delicious Italian bread is easy to make and fun to customize with your favorite toppings. The longer the dough is allowed to ferment, the better the flavor will be.

  5. basil pesto in a bowl with ingredients beside it

    Basil Pesto

    Basil pesto is delicous as a finishing sauce on everything from pasta and roasted veggies to chicken and fish.

  6. garlic pork chops

    Garlic Pork Chops

    These pork chops are easy to make and a delight for fall with apples and polenta. The longer you are able to cook the polenta on high, the creamier it will be when finished. 

  7. mac and cheese duxelle 5

    Mac and Cheese with Bacon and Mushrooms

    The best macaroni and cheese starts with the best dairy. Our pure, wholesome and creamy Fresh to Market Organic Vitamin D milk adds extra decadence to this classic comfort food.

  8. honey butter 3

    Honey Butter

    Not just for biscuits, this deliciously sweet blend of butter and honey is good on everything from pancakes to cornbread!

  9. hot honey horizontal

    Hot Honey

    Some like it hot, some like it sweet and this spicy honey is the best of both worlds! 

  10. apple pie martini horizontal

    Apple Pie Martini

    Have your pie and drink it, too, with this autumn-inspired cocktail.

  11. apple butter-1

    Apple Butter

    While you can make apple butter from whole apples, using our Fresh to Market Organic Apple Sauce and Juice is an easy way to whip up this sweet spread.

  12. shakshuka-horiz


    Shakshuka is staple dish in Moroccan cuisine that consists of eggs cooked in a highly seasoned tomato sauce. Not only is it simple and easy to make, it’s also delicious any time of day!

  13. shrimp ceviche in a martini glass with a sweet potato chip
  14. two glasses and pitcher of punch with fruit

    Labor Day Punch

    Add the perfect punch to your Labor Day celebration with these two variations on a fruity favorite.

  15. coconut mango popsicles

    Coconut Mango Pops

    Mad for mango? These sweet and refreshing popsicles are made with simple ingredients that pack the flavor.

  16. candied bacon with turbinado sugar

    Candied Bacon

    Both sweet and savory, these succulent bacon strips are great as a garnish for your Bloody Mary and as a snack (so you may want to make extra).

  17. blackberry balsamic Bloody Mary in martini glasses

    Blackberry Bloody Mary Martini

    If you’re fond of fruity breakfast cocktails, this version of a Bloody Mary is both sweet and spicy with just a pinch of sass. Save the extra infused vodka and homemade Bloody Mary mix for future cocktails!

  18. mezcal Bloody Mary with candied bacon, peppers and shrimp

    Mezcal Bloody Mary with Candied Bacon

    From the homemade Bloody Mary mix to the deliciously smoky mezcal and succulent candied bacon, every part of this savory cocktail is pure, flavorful bliss. 

  19. classic Bloody Mary in a mason jar with produce stuck in it

    Bacon & Balsamic-Infused Bloody Mary

    Once you experience the rich and tangy notes of this full-flavored Bloody Mary, you may never go back. The infused vodka and homemade Bloody Mary mix take a little time, but you can reserve the extra to make future cocktails that much easier!

  20. three ring spritzer square
  21. aperol tequila cocktail square
  22. Jalapeño & Chili-Infused Vodka
  23. Smoky Bloody Mary Mix
  24. basic bloody Mary mix

    Basic Bloody Mary Mix

    The measurements in this recipe are flexible, so once you make the first batch, you can taste it and adjust the flavor to your liking.

  25. cumin lime chickpea snacks in a bowl

    Cumin & Lime Chickpea Snacks

    These crispy bits of goodness are great as a make-ahead snack. You can throw them on a snack board, in a salad or in your favorite soup!