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  1. bottle of beer with bratwurst in pretzel buns and in a bowl of beer
  2. Heirloom Tomato Panzanella Salad in a Bowl with Basil

    Heirloom Tomato Panzanella Salad

    Homemade sourdough croutons soak up the flavors of fresh heirloom tomatoes and Parmigiano Reggiano in this simple, summery salad.

  3. Tiki Temptation Cocktail

    Tiki Temptation

    The sweet trio of pineapple, passion fruit and Velvet Falernum temper the bourbon rum combo to create a tantalizing tiki cocktail that will please any crowd. Swap out the booze for mai tai mix and grenadine for a tropical tiki mocktail.

  4. Honey Lavender Hard Lemonade Cocktail

    Honey Lavender Hard Lemonade

    The light sweetness of honey combined with lavender on the nose and palate produces a refreshing lemon cocktail. Try the non-alcoholic version for a fresh twist on lemonade!

  5. Taste of the Tropics Cocktail

    Taste of the Tropics

    Pineapple, cherry and hints of lime make this tropical cocktail perfect for summer sipping. With a few little changes, it also makes a sweet, refreshing mocktail!

  6. Roasted Purple Potatoes with Fennel

    Roasted Purple Potato Salad

    This fennel-infused purple potato salad is simple, delicious and a colorful twist on a cookout classic. 

  7. Purple Sweet Potato Ice Cream

    Purple Sweet Potato Ice Cream

    Make your sundae stand out with a scoop or two of this pretty and palatable purple sweet potato ice cream! If purple sweet potatoes are not available in your produce department, orange sweet potatoes are a great substitute for this recipe.

  8. Duck Fat Rosemary Popcorn

    Pass the Duck Popcorn

    For those who have all their ducks in a row (or at least enjoy a good duck dish on the menu), this decadent popcorn is for you. Enjoy the same ducky deliciousness of duck fat fries in popcorn form with this simple recipe.

  9. Chocolate Almond Coconut Popcorn

    Sweeten the Deal Popcorn

    For those with a bit of a sweet tooth, satisfy your candy craving with this delicious dessert/snack combo. Top your popcorn with a generous drizzle of dark chocolate, nuts and coconut for the ultimate movie-watching morsel.

  10. Popped Popcorn

    Make it Moroccan Popcorn

    For those who like to take their taste buds on tour, spice up your popcorn with a dash of Ras el Hanout. This traditional Moroccan spice blend gives your favorite movie munchie a powerful pop of savory flavor without a lot of heat.

  11. Bacon Parmesan Sage Popcorn

    Bring Home the Bacon Popcorn

    For those who like to consider bacon its own food group, this pork-infused popcorn will help you get a few extra servings in easy. Cooked in bacon fat and tossed with fresh bacon crumbles, this little piggy is pure bacony bliss.

  12. Sweet and Salty Seafood Rub

    Sweet & Salty Seafood Rub

    A play on classic gravlax, this brightly flavored rub is great for applying to your favorite fish before it hits the grill.

  13. Japanese Veggie Rub

    Japanese Veggie Rub

    This beautifully briny seasoning creates a crisp, clean wave of flavor ideal for lighter grilling fare like veggies or seafood.

  14. Honey Soy Shishito Peppers
  15. Berry Salsa

    Sweet & Spicy Salsa

    Sweet berries, spicy jalapeños and savory shallots unite to create a unique salsa for your chips, fish or poultry!

  16. Mustard-Seared Burger

    Mustard-Seared Burger

    Raise your grilling game with this mouthwatering burger, made all the better with a bit of bacon, Cotswold cheese and a quick mustard sear.

  17. Mocha Pepper Rib Rub

    Mocha Pepper Rib Rub

    The strong flavor of freshly ground coffee lends itself to sweeter meat like pork ribs, creating a beautiful balance for the barbecue.

  18. Shrimp Encinitas

    Shrimp Encinitas

    The spice rub on this shrimp is finger-licking good. Serve hot over brown or white rice or chilled on shredded Romaine lettuce with avocado, cucumber, shaved corn and red onion for a cool salad entrée on a hot summer day.

  19. Rosé Frozé

    Rosé Frozé

    Turn a bottle of rosé into an adult slushy cocktail with ease! Blend with fresh strawberries and peach schnapps for a sweet, summery treat.

  20. Gochujang Wings
  21. Grilled Tofu & Roasted Zucchini Bowl

    Grilled Tofu & Roasted Zucchini Bowl

    While this bowl features delicious vegetables like roasted zucchini, golden beets and snow peas, you can easily modify the recipe to match what ingredients you have on hand!

  22. Egg Salad with Dill
  23. Asparagus with Pancetta and Pecorino Romano
  24. Triple Creme, Prosciutto & Arugula Grilled Cheese
  25. Pitaya Bowl

    Pitaya Bowl

    Also known as dragon fruit, pitaya is a bright pink member of the cactus family and a great base to nutritious fruit-based bowls like this!