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Sonoma Market

Sonoma, CA 95476
6 a.m. to 9:30 p.m.
(707) 996-3411


  1. blood orange panna cotta in jars

    Blood Orange Panna Cotta

    Topped with a bright, citrus sauce made from fresh blood oranges, this creamy, eggless custard makes for an elegant, sweet and stunning dessert.

  2. Salmon en Papillote

    Salmon en Papillote

    This delicious method of one-dish cooking allows all the flavors to marry as the dish cooks, and prevents it from drying out. To save some time, try using a half-gallon Stasher Bag. 

  3. spice-rubbed chicken breast
  4. crushed marble potatoes with garlic and thyme
  5. sautéed chard with citrus and pine nuts
  6. bison new york strip streak

    Bison New York Strip Steak

    Bison is a great choice for lean protein if you're looking for something other than white meat or fish. This simple, classic preparation will make it a nice medium-rare.

  7. quick garlicky greens
  8. caramelized rainbow carrots
  9. herb oil

    Herb Oil

    A flavorful alternative to butter, this flavored oil can be used to season anything from veggies to roasted meats.

  10. avgolemono soup

    Avgolemono Soup

    This traditional Greek chicken soup is finished with both the richness of eggs and the tang of fresh lemon.

  11. oven-roasted meatballs with marinara and zoodles
  12. vegetarian risotto

    Vegetarian Risotto

    Both hearty and comforting, this delicious, veggie-packed risotto is sure to warm you up.

  13. soupe au pistou

    Soupe au Pistou

    Provence's answer to minestrone, this pesto-based soup can be eaten hot or at room temperature. Small pasta can be added to make it heartier or you can serve it with crusty bread.

  14. citrus salad with beets and arugula
  15. classic beef stew

    Classic Beef Stew

    Classics never go out of style, and this rich and succulent beef stew is no exception. 

  16. potato leek soup

    Potato Leek Soup

    Combining all the earthy goodness of potatoes and the mild sweetness of leeks, this classic soup is delicious served hot or cold, and even better the next day.

  17. double rainbow soup with chicken

    Double Rainbow Soup with Chicken

    This fresh soup provides a rainbow of key nutrients vital for healthy skin, immune function, circulation and vision in fewer than 180 calories per serving.

  18. creme brûlée

    Crème Brûlée

    One of the best parts of this decadent dessert is that you can make it a day ahead of time and then caramelize the sugar on top just before serving—perfect for stress-free entertaining!

  19. pretzel being dipped in chocolate fondue

    Dreamy Chocolate Fondue

    Nothing says the holidays like delicious sweet treats dipped in Kahlua-infused fondue!  The Kahlua and caramel add a rich warmth to this classic dessert.

  20. breakfast crepes with mixed berries, lemon curd and whipped creme fraiche

    Breakfast Crepes Three Ways

    Fill these classic crepes with homemade lemon curd, mixed berry sauce or whipped crème fraîche for an elegant weekend breakfast that's just a bit extra.

  21. crab cake eggs benedict

    Crab Cake Eggs Benedict

    Homemade crab cakes and Hollandaise sauce make this take on Eggs Benedict a brunch to remember.

  22. pandora french toast with strawberries and whipped cream

    Pandoro French Toast

    Give your traditional French toast breakfast an Italian twist with decadently delicious pandoro.

  23. chocolate chipotle matcha almond shortbread cookies
  24. graham cracker thumbprint cookies with apricot jam
  25. carrot cake whoopie pies

    Carrot Cake Whoopie Pies

    Sandwich a maple-sweetened cream cheese filling between two of these lightly spiced carrot cake cookies for a sweet treat indeed!