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Sonoma Market

Sonoma, CA 95476
6 a.m. to 9:30 p.m.
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  1. shrimp ceviche in a martini glass with a sweet potato chip
  2. two glasses and pitcher of punch with fruit

    Labor Day Punch

    Add the perfect punch to your Labor Day celebration with these two variations on a fruity favorite.

  3. coconut mango popsicles

    Coconut Mango Pops

    Mad for mango? These sweet and refreshing popsicles are made with simple ingredients that pack the flavor.

  4. candied bacon with turbinado sugar

    Candied Bacon

    Both sweet and savory, these succulent bacon strips are great as a garnish for your Bloody Mary and as a snack (so you may want to make extra).

  5. blackberry balsamic Bloody Mary in martini glasses

    Blackberry Bloody Mary Martini

    If you’re fond of fruity breakfast cocktails, this version of a Bloody Mary is both sweet and spicy with just a pinch of sass. Save the extra infused vodka and homemade Bloody Mary mix for future cocktails!

  6. mezcal Bloody Mary with candied bacon, peppers and shrimp

    Mezcal Bloody Mary with Candied Bacon

    From the homemade Bloody Mary mix to the deliciously smoky mezcal and succulent candied bacon, every part of this savory cocktail is pure, flavorful bliss. 

  7. classic Bloody Mary in a mason jar with produce stuck in it

    Bacon & Balsamic-Infused Bloody Mary

    Once you experience the rich and tangy notes of this full-flavored Bloody Mary, you may never go back. The infused vodka and homemade Bloody Mary mix take a little time, but you can reserve the extra to make future cocktails that much easier!

  8. three ring spritzer square
  9. aperol tequila cocktail square
  10. Jalapeño & Chili-Infused Vodka
  11. Smoky Bloody Mary Mix
  12. basic bloody Mary mix

    Basic Bloody Mary Mix

    The measurements in this recipe are flexible, so once you make the first batch, you can taste it and adjust the flavor to your liking.

  13. cumin lime chickpea snacks in a bowl

    Cumin & Lime Chickpea Snacks

    These crispy bits of goodness are great as a make-ahead snack. You can throw them on a snack board, in a salad or in your favorite soup!

  14. smokin' hot chickpea snacks in a bowl
  15. chimichurri drumsticks with sauce on the side

    Chimichurri Drumsticks

    Enjoy a taste of Argentina right at home by marinating and serving chicken drumsticks with homemade chimichurri.

  16. Cajun beef burger on a wooden board

    Cajun Beef Burger with Bacon Onion Jam

    Give your basic burger patty a boost by blending it with flavorful spices before grilling, then top it off with fried green tomatoes and homemade bacon onion jam—yum!

  17. bison burger with fried chicken skin, an egg and no bun on a plate

    Low-Carb Bison Burger

    Low in carbs and high in flavor, this keto-friendly bison burger is simple, succulent and downright decadent.

  18. two halves of a mediterranean lamb burger on a plate

    Mediterranean Lamb Burger

    If lamb's your jam, this burger's for you! Playing with classic Mediterranean flavors, it has tremendous taste from Kalamata olives, feta cheese, quick-pickled cucumbers and more.

  19. spicy pork burger with a black background

    Spicy Pork Burger

    Fire up your taste buds with this Asian-inspired burger laced with flavorful sauces and piled high with freshly pickled veg. 

  20. turkey caprese burger on a plate held by hands
  21. harissa shrimp skewers with lemon wedge on a plate
  22. fresh chicken spring rolls- horizontal

    Fresh Chicken Spring Rolls

    Fresh spring rolls make a deliciously light and flavorful snack, meal or appetizer, especially when the weather is hot. They're even easier if you use leftover chicken, pre-cut vegetables and whatever other ingredients you have in your fridge!

  23. parmesan rosemary chick pea snacks

    Parmesan Rosemary Chickpea Snacks

    Both cheesy and herbaceous, these crispy chickpeas are the perfect snack for enjoying by the handful or for tossing on a salad with your favorite vinaigrette.

  24. veggie burger horizontal

    Veggie Burger Patties

    Homemade veggie patties are easier (and tastier) than you think. For a lighter take on the classic burger, simply follow this recipe, then add a bun and all your favorite burger toppings!

  25. corn ice cream square

    Corn Ice Cream

    Reminiscent of sweet creamed corn, this fresh and fun ice cream is perfect for a summertime barbecue dessert. Add a drizzle of caramel sauce for an extra decadent finish.