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Sonoma Market

Sonoma, CA 95476
6 a.m. to 9:30 p.m.
(707) 996-3411

The Dish

  1. a beer bottle tilted with yellow swirls in the background

    Spin the Bottle

    When it comes to drinks, we all have our favorites, but that’s no reason to get stuck in a rut. Stock the cooler at your next barbecue with a few new beers based on your go-to brews. Who knows? You may even find a new favorite.

  2. biodegradable igloo cooler with ice and beer cans

    Extraordinary Sustainability: Say It Ain’t Styrofoam!

    Outdoor adventures are a great way to enjoy fun times with family and friends, which is one of the many reasons it’s important to think sustainably while out and about. Take care of the great outdoors while enjoying them by using reusable items like cups, utensils and even coolers!

  3. eight bottles of wine in a multicolored grid

    Mix & Match Wines

    Looking to expand your wine horizons? Check out our pro picks inspired by best sellers and guest favorites across a variety of styles. For even more personalized recommendations, simply ask our talented wine stewards the next time you visit our store!

  4. sparkling beverages in cans and a bottle

    S.O.S. (Sip on Sparkles)

    When the summer weather has you saying, gimme, gimme, gimme some refreshments, we have just what you need. These bubbly, thirst-quenching beverages get their sparkle from natural ingredients so you can dance, jive and have the time of your life all summer long.

  5. three ice cream sandwiches with strawberry ice cream and different kinds of cookies
  6. mezcal Bloody Mary with candied bacon, peppers and shrimp

    Bloody Mary Accessories

    Tomato juice? Check. Vodka? Check? All sorts of delicious accessories? You know it! Make your Bloody Mary a beautiful masterpiece with some fabulous finishing touches. 

  7. sundae fun day food art with ice cream toppings

    Sundae Fun Day

    Make any day extra decadent with a super-sized sundae piled high with all your favorite toppings. For a proper ice cream social, show us your favorite flavors and cool ice cream creations online!

  8. ice cream sundae with lots of toppings

    Scoop Local

    As a local, family-owned grocer, we love finding local products to share with our guests! With so many wonderful dairies and creameries in our region, ice cream is one of the sweetest ways to celebrate local love. These incredible ice creams and other products marked with our Local Lifestyle Icon are grown or produced within 100 miles of our home offices in Yolo County. Look for the icon to enjoy local à la mode!

  9. classic Bloody Mary in a mason jar with produce stuck in it

    The Savory Summer Breakfast Cocktail

    Bloody Marys are a brunchtime staple across the country. When made at home, this savory cocktail can be as simple or as intricate as you choose. From cooking your own candied bacon to infusing vodka with sweet and spicy flavors, trick out your Bloody Mary with these tasty tips.

  10. blackberry balsamic Bloody Mary in martini glasses

    Best Bloody Marys Ever

    This classic drink doesn’t always have to be classic. Stir things up with infused vodkas, homemade Bloody Mary mix, a dash of mezcal, bacon and even blackberries (not recommended all in one cocktail).

  11. plated meal of chicken and vegetables with cloth napkin and silverware

    Building a Sustainable Meal

    Wondering what it takes to eat sustainably? You’re not alone! This question is so relevant now, we added a class to our annual Return to Learn schedule dedicated to helping our associates learn about the topic. While participants may have been surprised how complicated building a sustainable meal can be, our sustainability coordinator helped them navigate the complexities so they could make informed decisions while shopping and cooking. Check out these tips so you can, too!

  12. local snack board with endive, hummus, crackers and cookies

    Snack Attack

    If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. Like, seriously. Grab a few finger foods from the fridge and pantry, build your snack board in a flash and go enjoy it in front of a fan, on the patio or even by the pool. No cooking, no dishes, just simple, wholesome nibbles ready to enjoy. Since snack boards are so versatile, you can whip one up with what you have at home, or go shopping with a specific theme in mind. Ready, set, relax.

  13. four bottles of Briannas salad dressings

    This Just In... July 2019

    Summer is the perfect time for cold salads, hot burgers and staying active, and we’ve got some amazing new items to make all three more delicious. From new organic options in salad dressings you already know and love to a relish so good you’ll want to put it on everything and even epic innovation in the form of performance bars, these tasty new products are well worth the trying.

  14. local snack board with endive, hummus, crackers and cookies

    Nearby Nibbles

    Love local? Eat local! Support nearby farmers and producers by stocking your snack board with fantastic, artisan foods from just around the corner.

  15. vegan snack board with produce, dips, crackers and dessert

    Vegan Vittles

    Whether you’re living the vegan lifestyle, prefer plant-based products or simply need to empty out the crisper drawer, this veggie-centric snack board is a brilliant choice.

  16. pork sliders with noh sauce

    NOH, So Easy!

    Bring a taste of the islands to your grilling fare with NOH Foods of Hawaii! Their flavorful barbecue sauce, salts and marinades are inspired by the recipes for Arirang, the first formal Korean restaurant in Honolulu. Creating excellent island flavor since 1963, these sauces add a little aloha to meat, seafood and veggies. Here are a few simple ways to use some of their most popular products.

  17. imported snack board with grapes, pickles, chocolate cheese and charcuteries

    Global Goodies

    Embark on a snack board staycation with international delights sourced from around the globe.

  18. gluten-free snack board with dried fruits, nuts, spring rolls and mochi

    Gluten-Free Grazing

    Life without gluten can be totally tasty and just as convenient. Get the goods on how to build a snack board with a gluten-free twist.

  19. homemade snack board with mediterranean foods

    Chef-Made Munchies

    For the ultimate ease of eating, simply grab a few Homemade delicacies fresh from our kitchen and bakery! Even when you don’t feel like cooking, our talented chefs and bakers are here to help!

  20. columns of different kinds of chips

    Crunch Time

    Satiate your craving for salty snacks with amazing, artisanal chips like these. Whether you prefer corn, potato, grain-free, beet or even kale, your chip has just come in.

  21. Cajun beef burger on a wooden board

    The Cajun Beef Burger

    Lettuce, tomatoes, onions and pickles aren’t the only way to top a beef burger. Stray even farther from the basic burger by mixing the meat with flavorful spices before grilling. Who needs a recipe when you have this handy guide?

  22. whatnot fries with lots of toppings

    Fry Day I’m in Love

    You don’t have to start with whole potatoes to make fantastic fries at home. Here are a few easy ways to amp up frozen fries any day of the week! 

  23. vegetarian burger on a plate

    The Homemade Vegetarian Burger

    Produce, please! You don’t need meat to make a mouthwatering burger, especially with the right condiments and toppings to seal the deal.

  24. spicy pork burger with a black background

    The Spicy Pork Burger

    Why settle for a bland burger when you can have one that’s 🔥? Fire up your taste buds with this Asian-inspired Spicy Pork Burger—no recipe required!

  25. two halves of a mediterranean lamb burger on a plate

    The Mediterranean Lamb Burger

    If lamb’s your jam, this burger is sure to hit the spot. Bring out the best in ground lamb with a few Mediterranean flavors and this simply delicious non-recipe.