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The Dish

  1. snacks and drinks with hands holding drink and food

    How to Throw an Eco-Friendly Party

    Summer is so close we can SEE it! When it comes to sustainability, we look at the Social, Environmental and Economic aspects of all our decisions, and this summer, we invite you to SEE your summer fun with us. No matter what fun in the sun you plan on enjoying—backyard barbecues, patriotic parties, ice cream socials, etc.—it often comes with unforeseen waste. If you want to rein in waste while still throwing the coolest party ever, we can help. Use these 5 easy tips to plan ahead, save some hassle and save the Earth, too!

  2. Father's Day gifts including spices, cards, gift cards and grooming goods

    Father's Day Gift Ideas

    From the perfect shave to the perfect gift card, check out our Father's Day gift guide for inspiration!

  3. sun hats, sunscreen, stickers and metal thermoses and water bottles

    Summer Essentials 2019

    Be sun-ready with these sunny day essentials available at Sonoma Market! From stylish skin protection to hydration with attitude, we’ve got you covered.

  4. bags of snacks, pickle jar and baking mixes

    This Just In... June 2019

    The next time you drop by Sonoma Market, you’ll likely find a few new goodies on our shelves. That’s because we’re always looking for new and exciting products to share with our guests! From peanut butter puffs and butternut squash pretzel sticks to gluten-free fried chicken mix, grain-free baking mixes and the most flavor-packed pickles around, you’ll want to fill your cart with fresh finds like these.

  5. two houseplants in pots

    Why Grow Houseplants?

    Along with being a beautiful addition to any style of decor, houseplants have a variety of other benefits, too! Here are just a few reasons why raising plants inside can make your space the great indoors.

  6. pile of bread loaves, challah, rounds and a baguette

    All You Knead is Love

    For the best baked goods around, look no further than our bakery! Baked fresh in-house daily, our Fresh to Market breads are made from scratch with quality ingredients and no additives or preservatives. Drop by Sonoma Market today for loaves like these you’re sure to love.

  7. cherry berry smoothie with ingredients

    Refreshing Drinks from Our Coffee Bar

    As the weather gets warmer, keep cool with some delicious drinks from our coffee and juice bar. From fresh juices and smoothies to iced coffee drinks made fresh to order, they’re sure to add a little spring to your step. See what Dr. Liz has to say about a few of our current featured drinks.

  8. Van Gogh sandwich on a pedestal

    A Study in Sandwiches

    Connoisseurs and critics agree—a well-made sandwich is a work of art. At Sonoma Market, our chefs are resident artists, the kitchen their studio, and premium meats, cheeses, produce, breads and sauces their tools of the trade. Whether you select one of our many specialty sandwiches or commission a new creation entirely, a mouthwatering masterpiece awaits.

  9. summer succotash

    Memorial Day Menu

    Make your Memorial Day weekend extra delicious with a spread of amazing dishes homemade by our talented chefs and bakers. Just drop by Sonoma Market for these sensational sides, fresh-baked breads, decadent desserts and more!

  10. six types of products on colored squares

    This Just In… May 2019

    Our amazing team of buyers is always on the hunt for awesome new products to share with our guests. From local finds to artisan creations, imported specialties to gourmet goodies, we’re proud to offer an amazing selection of products that’s constantly evolving to include the latest and greatest. Enjoy a novel taste or two with these new products just hitting our stores! 

  11. rosé all day text with four bottles of wine

    Rosé, Take Me Away!

    Enjoyed for centuries in Europe, rosé wines have more recently gained popularity stateside, and we’re all about it. The refreshing, unique style brings light summery flavors which pair deliciously with fresh fruits like strawberries and watermelon. Because of the refreshing crispness, they also pair well with young cheeses like chèvre. Keep reading for some suggestions on wines to try this spring and summer.

  12. three women at a tea party with finger foods

    Bohemian Rhapso-Tea

    Host a high tea so killer it’s fit for a queen with a few delicious twists on tradition. From a trio of contemporary tea sandwiches to boozy mousse in a martini glass, these recipes are perfect for lazing on a Sunday afternoon with your best friends, or a crazy little thing called lunch. Just add tea and it’s a kind of magic. 

  13. three tins of JusTea purple tea at a tea party

    Purple Tea with Purpose

    Pinkies up! Take your tea drinking experience to the next level with JusTea Purple Teas fresh from an award-winning tea company that partners with small-scale Kenyan farmers to deliver the freshest, whole leaf tea to your kettle. Each tin tells the story of the farmer who partnered with JusTea to provide that flavorful, antioxidant-rich, non-GMO tea and the impact your purchase has made on them.

  14. journals, candles, stationery and other gifts

    Now Presenting...

    Whether thanking the host, making mom’s day or even treating yourself to something special, great gifts are just a grocery store away. Visit Sonoma Market to find all sorts of delightful housewares, thoughtful trinkets and other little luxuries perfect for sharing the love.

  15. tomatillo crudo and habanero salsa

    Top-Notch Taco Toppings

    From sensational salsas to grilled and pickled vegetables, flavorful toppings bring out the best in any type of taco. If you’re looking for quick, easy and delicious options, our kitchen has you covered with fresh, chef-prepared salsas, guacamole and more. Feeling like cooking? Get started with a few simple recipes. Taco ‘bout a good time!

  16. pitchers and glasses of aguas frescas

    Fiesta-Friendly Drinks

    After all those tasty tacos, chips and salsas, you’ll need something extra refreshing to wash it down. Luckily, aguas frescas are an easy and delicious way to quench everyone’s thirst! Whip up these non-alcoholic, fruit-based drinks by the pitcher, or try a Paloma cocktail if you want a boozy beverage. Whichever you choose, we’ve got the recipes to get the party started!

  17. people enjoying a taco party

    It's Taco Time!

    Ain’t no party like a taco party, cuz a taco party’s got guac. Throw your best taco party ever with tons of tasty taco recipes—even a sweet one for dessert!

  18. three kinds of chocolate with three bottles of wine

    Heavenly Chocolate Pairings

    Pair fine wine with choice chocolate for a true treat for the palate. Whether you prefer port, sherry or zinfandel, we’ve put together a few delicious chocolate and wine pairings perfect for after-dinner indulgence.

  19. bird's eye view of cheeses and chocolates arranged on marble

    Chocolate & Cheese? Yes, Please!

    Decadent, rich, sweet and creamy are all words that could describe fine chocolate or artisan cheese. In place of dried fruits, jam or honey one might add as a sweet side to a cheese board, why not try chocolate? The complementary flavors of well-chosen pairings bring out the best in each other, creating an entirely new and delicious eating experience. Get started with these tasty pairings from our pros.

  20. many kinds of chocolate with flowers, nuts and berries

    Cocoa Nouveau

    Along with unparalleled taste, fine wine, premium coffee, specialty cheese and artisan chocolate all have one very important thing in common—the care that goes into their creation. From the unique terroir of their growing regions to their time-honored production techniques, it’s the attention to detail and dedication to quality that set them apart, ultimately creating a complex, luxurious and decadent experience.

  21. eggs Benedict components

    How to Build an Eggs Benedict Bar

    Homemade English muffins, an easy way to poach eggs en masse, fresh hollandaise sauce and a few beautiful Benedict combos… Brunch is about to get even better.

  22. three different reusable bags

    Reusable Bags? Totes!

    One of the easiest ways to shop sustainably is by bringing a reusable bag! Whether you don’t already have one, or you need to refresh or replenish your current stash, we have the perfect reusable bags for everyone.

  23. bird's eye view of seven premium cakes

    The Premium Cake Collection

    From Easter brunch and April showers to birthday parties and anniversaries, set the stage for your next celebration with a stylish centerpiece that tastes just as good as it looks. The haute-est thing this season is our bakery’s new line of designer desserts, made fresh with the highest quality ingredients and guaranteed to turn heads. Enjoy one right off the runway (a.k.a. our display case), or order your favorite cake couture.

  24. Easter Treats for Education - See's Candies

    Sweet Treats for a Sweet Cause

    Want to fill your Easter basket while supporting a great cause? You’ll love our latest See’s Candies Education Fundraiser!

  25. Mom's Day Giveaway text with flower illustrations

    Mom's Day Giveaway

    Treat the mom in your life to an extra special Mother's Day with our Mom's Day Giveaway! Simply fill out an entry form for your chance to win a Princess Cake fresh from our bakery, an orchid plant in a 4-inch pot and a $25 Nugget Markets gift card. One lucky winner will be randomly selected and contacted on May 6, 2019. Good luck!