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  1. red roses and greenery lifestyle shot

    A Rose by Any Other Color

    Forget text and email, send your special someone a message by flower! Roses specifically are a classic choice for Valentine’s Day, and each color conveys a different meaning. So consider the sentiment you want to send carefully before you pick out your bouquet!

  2. cheese board with charcuterie, olives and crackers

    Cheese Board Blitz

    Nothing says football fare like easy-to-eat finger foods packed with in-your-face flavor. If you want to kick your snack spread up a notch, this finger-friendly cheese board fits the bill. With bold flavors like garlic, absinthe and jalapeño, you’re sure to score a taste bud touchdown!

  3. Game Day Giveaway party platters

    Game Day Giveaway

    Just in time for the big game, we’re giving away a spread of Gourmet to Go party platters and a $50 Sonoma Market Gift Card!

  4. variety of citrus fruits and slices

    Put Some Sunshine In Your Winter

    Health Notes by Dr. Liz

    Citrus like oranges, tangerines, pomelos, grapefruits, kumquats and other fruits have a wealth of health-boosting nutrients such as vitamin C (50 to over 100% Daily Value per fruit), fiber and potent cancer-fighting compounds, such as limonene. Check out some other interesting nutritional properties of common citrus fruits!

  5. lunch, soup, snack and drink containers

    New Year New You Giveaway

    Whether your resolution is to save money or eat better, bringing your own lunch is a great start! To help make it easier, we’re giving away one set of lunch containers from awesome brands like Hydro Flask, Sistema, Klean Kanteen and PackIt. 

  6. bowl of oatmeal topped with fruit and nuts

    Go Oats!

    Health Notes by Dr. Liz

    You know oatmeal is good for you, but chances are you don’t just how good it is for your health. Over the past two decades, reams of scientific studies have examined how a simple bowl of oatmeal boosts your health by warding off a variety of age-related ailments.

  7. variety of cocktails on a tray at a party

    Let’s Have a Cocktail Party!

    Raise a glass to the good times with a good, old-fashioned cocktail party! With these tantalizing signature cocktail recipes and our Pro Party Tips, you and your guests may very well dance 'til dawn!

  8. two bottles of wine with watercolor wine stains behind them

    Dinner Party Wine Pairings

    Complement your homemade holiday feast with a wine that makes every bite even better. While there are many wonderful wines that deserve a spot at the table, here are a few top picks to whet your appetite.

  9. Holiday dinner spread with rib roast, green bean casserole, stuffing, wine, rolls, etc.
  10. Peppermint Chocolate Sugar Scrub in a Jar Surrounded by Mint Leaves
  11. Cheese and Fruit Artfully Arranged Beside Wine Glass and Bottles

    Pro Party Tips 

    How do you throw the perfect party? We’re glad you asked! Check out our top 20 tips on how to make your shindig shine.

  12. beef brisket with carrots

    Celebrate Hanukkah

    Spend less time in the kitchen and more time celebrating with family and friends this Hanukkah with an array of chef-prepared delicacies fresh from our kitchen and bakery!

  13. contemporary holiday meal with people gathered around the table

    The Contemporary Holiday Meal

    This holiday season, wow your guests with an extra special, chef-prepared Contemporary Holiday Meal featuring all your favorites with a gourmet twist. Each meal comes with your choice of main course, plus a full spread of sensational sides handcrafted in-house by our team of chefs.

  14. Cookies, cakes and other winter desserts

    Sweet Treats for the Holidays

    From Christmas cookies to yule logs and other decadent delights, our bakers are whipping up some fantastically festive treats perfect for celebrating the season. Drop by our bakery to make any brunch, gift or dessert that much sweeter!

  15. Clover Sonoma dairy products including milk, butter, cottage cheese, eggs

    We <3 Clover Sonoma!

    Are you in the MOO-d for delicious dairy? Clover Sonoma is here to help! Family owned and operated for more than a century, this independent, family owned B Corporation is dedicated to offering a variety of exceptional dairy products made with uncompromising quality, compassion and sustainability (not to mention a good pun). Sound familiar? It should! These are some of the very same things we value here at Sonoma Market, which is why we’re proud to partner with this amazing company and share their extraordinary dairy with you, our guests. 

  16. Sweet Lady Jane mixed berry deep dish pie with one slice à la mode

    Pie For Days

    Feed the whole family with Sweet Lady Jane’s Deep Dish Cherry, Mixed Berry or Apple Pies! Made with fresh fruit and all-butter crusts, these premium pies serve 12-16 people each and are packed with delicious flavor. Plus, each pie comes pre-cooked in a reusable 11-inch aluminum pie pan, custom-made right here in the USA. Whichever flavor you pick, pound for pound, they’re pure pie perfection!

  17. whole roasted turkey

    Turkey Carving 101

    Follow these easy steps to carve your holiday turkey!

  18. Hands holding a wine glass and plate of appetizers

    Tips for Entertaining 

    Don't be intimidated by the thought of entertaining! All it takes is a little bit of planning. Follow this handy guide for answers to some of the most frequently asked party planning questions.

  19. A woman pouring wine surrounded by bottles and glasses of wine and spirits

    Holiday Wine Guide

    Whether it’s wine, beer or whiskey, the right beverage can bring out the best in every course of your holiday meal. These prime picks include something special for every palate and budget, and they’re just the tip of the iceberg. Here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll find in our Holiday Wine Guide—pick up your free copy in stores!

  20. Galettes, dessert bars and other festive fall treats

    Tortes, Tarts & Bars, Oh My! 

    With autumn in the air, now’s the perfect time to celebrate all the flavors of the season in delicious desserts homemade by our talented bakers. Whether you’re a fan of chocolate, fruit, nuts or the infamous pumpkin spice, we’ve got just the thing to satisfy any sweet tooth. Drop by our bakery today to find your new fall favorite!

  21. Holiday Entertaining Guide 2017

    Entertaining Made Easy

    With fall in full swing and winter on the wing, the holidays are just around the corner! Whether you’re planning Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving festivities, Christmas or Hanukkah celebrations, or any other holiday happening, our Holiday Entertaining Guide is here to help and FREE in stores now!

  22. Illustration of Sonoma landscape shaped like a heart with Sonoma Market logo

    Thankful Through It All

    As October comes to an end and the holidays are right around the corner, it seems especially fitting to remember all we have to be grateful for. First and foremost, we’d like to extend our incredible, heartfelt gratitude to all the first responders who fought the fire and the odds to save our local towns. Thanks to their efforts, both Sonoma Market and Glen Ellen Village Market are not only still standing, but open for business!

  23. Illustration of Sonoma landscape shaped like a heart with Sonoma Market logo

    Sonoma Strong

    With wildfires raging throughout our county and beyond, our hearts are breaking for all our families, friends and neighbors who have lost so much. As a team, community and family, we are doing everything we can to help support those affected by these devastating fires.

  24. Bottles of wine paired with cheeses all from Sonoma

    Cheers to Sonoma!

    From wonderful wines to sumptuous specialty cheese, it’s easy to see why Sonoma County is known for its rich, agricultural history and artisan offerings. Enjoy the beauty and bounty of wine country living with these beautiful pairings from right in our own backyard.

  25. French Presses and Bags of Coffee Beans

    Homebrewing Heaven

    It’s easy to brew the perfect cup of coffee at home when you have the right equipment and best beans for the job.