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Sonoma Market

Sonoma, CA 95476
6 a.m. to 9:30 p.m.
(707) 996-3411

The Dish

  1. open and closed spring field guides

    Spring Field Guide: The Art of Extraordinary

    Feeling a little extra? You’ll love our latest Field Guide. Since Sonoma Market is known as being an extraordinary grocery experience, we thought it was time to explore all things exquisite, excellent and extravagant. Pick up a free copy of our latest Field Guide and discover the art of extraordinary!

  2. bacon-wrapped jalapeño poppers with tender belly logo

    Tender Belly Bacon: Certified Awesome

    You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy bacon, and Tender Belly Bacon makes us very happy indeed. We’re always on the hunt for the best artisanal products around, and we’re particularly excited about this sizzling star. Along with being environmentally conscious and caring for the well-being of their animals, they also have incredibly high standards and a commitment to quality that result in some of the best bacon you’ve ever tasted.

  3. gold coins and reusable bags, straws and utensils

    Go Green to Win Green!

    Want to win some green, and some green goodies? Visit Sonoma Market to enter our Earth Day Giveaway! Winners will receive a $10 Nugget Markets gold coin and their choice of either a reusable utensil, a set of reusable metal straws or a Nugget Markets reusable bag.

  4. spring produce with foodie faqs text

    Foodie FAQs: Spring Produce

    Celebrate spring with local and California-grown veggies fresh from our produce department! Not sure what to do with beets, leeks and spring garlic? Never fear—we’ve got the answers courtesy of our talented chef team.

  5. Nutiva, Navitas and Inner-Eco products

    Companies That Care: Supplements

    What’s better than finding just the right supplements for your health goals? Finding supplements that also improve the health of communities and the planet! Companies like Navitas Organics, Nutiva and Inner-Eco make a variety of products designed to help you feel better from the inside out, while also working towards a healthier world as a whole. Check it out!

  6. sonoma market associates at siff event

    Sonoma International Film Festival 2019

    It’s that time of year again… the 22nd Annual Sonoma International Film Festival is rolling out the red carpet for a spectacular celebration of the silver screen! This year, the 5-day event will take place from Wednesday through Sunday, March 27-31, 2019 at SIFF Village on First Street West in Sonoma.

  7. good paper cards and alaffia personal care products

    Companies That Care: Fun Finds

    Food isn’t the only thing you’ll find in our store—we also offer a variety of amazing personal care products, stylish accessories, beautiful stationery and more! If you want to make a difference while you shop, look for great products from companies like Alaffia and Good Paper that are in business to make the world a better place. Check it out!

  8. green guru team photo

    Sustainability at Sonoma Market

    The Nugget Markets grocery family is committed to working towards a greener, more sustainable future every day, in every store, including our very own Sonoma Market! 

  9. products from equator coffee, numi tea, clover sonoma and glorybee honey

    Companies That Care: Coffee & Tea

    Cheers to good causes! Whether you’re a fan of coffee, tea or both, we offer a variety of awesome options from companies that care about making a difference as well as making great products. Along with the base brews, you can also stir it up with mix-ins like cream and honey, also from philanthropic and sustainable businesses. Enjoy your morning routine while supporting great causes with great goods from companies like these.

  10. protein and collagen powder products with A is for Active text

    A is for Active

    For competitive athletes and casual fitness fans alike, we have just what you need to keep going strong. Enjoy a variety of energy-boosting pre-workout supplements, hydration and recovery powders and remedies for sore muscles and supplements for joint health.

  11. salmon en papillote on a plate with vegetables

    Delicious (& Easy) Fish Dishes

    We all know fish is good for you, but sometimes we may not always be able work it into our weekly meal prep. Dr. Liz suggests aiming for 1-2 servings (3-4 ounces each) of salmon, sardines and other fatty fish weekly. How do you do it? By finding easy, tasty and approachable recipes that can be made any night of the week.

  12. patagonia backpack and patagonia provisions products

    Patagonia Provisions Giveaway

    For those who love the great outdoors, Patagonia gear has been a staple for many years. Now you can stock your gear with Patagonia Provisions—delicious, quality products made for adventure while inspiring solutions for the environment. Look for the featured display starting March 4 to see all that Patagonia Provisions has to offer, plus an opportunity to win some of their products and a Patagonia backpack through the 30th!

  13. Happy Baby and Patagonia Provisions products

    Companies That Care: Guest Favorites

    It’s easy to make a difference just by shopping thanks to philanthropic companies like these. From ethically-sourced chocolate and organic tea to handcrafted greeting cards and premium personal care products, your purchases can support a variety of important causes all over the world.

  14. happy children holding jars of pickles with nugget banner in the background

    Philanthropic Giving at Sonoma Market

    For more than 90 years, Nugget Markets has been dedicated to supporting local nonprofits and community causes, with a special focus on education, sustainability and supporting those in need. As part of the family, Sonoma Market is also committed to taking care of important community causes like these. Check it out!

  15. vegan fried rice with bottle of just egg

    Just Egg, Just for You

    If you’re living the plant-based life, you don’t have to live without the deliciousness or nutrition eggs bring. Made from mung bean protein and turmeric extracts, Just Egg is an egg alternative with 5 grams of protein in a single serving (3 tablespoons). It’s time to add scrambles, frittatas and other traditionally egg-based dishes to the menu again!

  16. vega energy bites in a cup and in front of it

    Very Vega Energy Bites

    How do you power up with protein powder? From smoothies and baking to quick and easy energy bites like these, the opportunities are endless! Keep going strong all day long with this great recipe for delicious and nutritious coconut protein bites created by Vega.

  17. hand holding a blender bottle with protein powder inside

    Take It, Shake It, Make It, Bake It

    How do you power up with protein or collagen supplements? From mixing powders into smoothies and baking to taking ready-made protein bars on the go, the opportunities are endless! Keep going strong all day long with these premium protein and collagen bars and powders, plus ideas on how to enjoy them.

  18. smoothie surrounded by protein powder and other ingredients

    Protein Boost: Picking the Right Powder

    Health Notes by Dr. Liz

    Eating protein at every meal may be the key to weight control and even boost your workout efforts. Protein powders make for a convenient option for adding this key nutrient into smoothies, hot cereals, coffee, soups and more. Most varieties supply about 10-20 grams per scoop (about 20-40% of your Daily Value), perfect for counting as a “meal’s” worth. But protein powders, made from real foods like eggs, milk, hydrolyzed animal parts and beans, are not created equally. Label reading is a must to check on protein sources and added sugars you may want to avoid.

  19. person holding basket of self-care essentials

    Nourish to Flourish

    Looking for your happy place? Create a personal sanctuary right at home with a few self-care essentials from our healthy living department. Soak your troubles away with a lovely spa day at home, treat yourself to some you time with bath salts and herbal eye pillows, and set a relaxing mood with fragrant candles and more.

  20. rest and relaxation products with R&R text

    For a Little R&R…

    Take a deep breath—and exhale. Even an active lifestyle requires some down time. If you’re feeling stressed or anxious, we may have a remedy for you. Drop by our healthy living department for a variety of supplements designed to help you get a little rest and relaxation.

  21. sleep supplement products and ZZZs text

    Get Your ZZZs

    From naptime to nighttime, if you need a little help dozing off, visit our healthy living department to find a wide selection of products that can help. Sweet dreams are made of these!

  22. three brands of chocolate bars and unwrapped chocolate pieces
  23. bottles and boxes of rare essence essential oils

    Aromatherapy Essentials

    Great for soothing the mind, body and spirit, essential oils can be used for everything from aromatherapy to DIY products for the home. One of our favorite producers of essential oils is rareEssence Aromatherapy. 

  24. Dr. Liz Applegate, PhD

    Multi Matters: Vitamin Needs by Age

    Health Notes by Dr. Liz

    Debating whether or not to take a multivitamin-mineral supplement routinely for good measure and better health? Before you pop a vitamin-mineral pill, know that a healthful diet with ample fresh veggies and fruit, along with a selection of whole grains, beans, lean proteins and healthy fats is key to promoting optimal health and preventing of age-related diseases. With this basic eating plan as a foundation, here are some considerations in choosing a daily supplement.

  25. healthy living team in store

    Healthy Living 101

    Along with good nutrition and a balanced diet, healthy living encompasses so much more. Clean eating, self-care, staying active, giving back—they all play a part in a balanced life, and our healthy living department is here to help.